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The perfect location

Reverie was designed keeping simplicity and elegance in mind, allowing in plenty of natural light in the daytime and romantic dim lighting at night.


The clean white marble setting is perfect for any type of event whether it be an intimate party or a large corporate gathering. We can accommodate 30 - 40 guests indoors and 10 - 15 outdoors in our garden. Please contact us to book your private event.


our story



'a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a day dream.'


The café, aptly named after this state of being, embodies the definition of a fairytale-like getaway. The inspiration comes from the youthful imagination and daydreams of two sisters, Lydia Visutthithada and Ducky Visutthithada. They invite you into their secret world of wonder and possibility, where the hectic city will feel miles away.

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